We Just Keep Going; UK Day 17

By: Vagabond63

Feb 02 2013

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Camera:NIKON D3100

I’m just going to start by saying our cast has been crazy busy lately. I am currently in Castletownbere and it is show day. The last town we were in was Carrickfergus and I have to say that it was an absolute blessing to go there; the kids were beautiful, the school was beautiful, and we got to perform in a beautiful theatre in Belfast. I would say that it was kind of a big deal.

There was something different about the workshop in Carrickfergus. Because we had been there many times before it was like the kids wanted to be there, most of the time the kids want to be there but they are a little closed off; in Carrickfergus that wasn’t the case. There were about 230 kids in workshop and I made friends with quite a few of them. On the first day I sat with a group of 15 year old boys at lunch and we talked about food, more specifically sweets. They were just really curious as to what we had in America and what they had here in Ireland. There was a big difference in the sweets, I feel as though their sweets are really good not what we have in America. There was one boy, Ben that asked me about Jaffa Cakes and Toffefes; if you American and questioning what those are I was the same way. I was completely kidding with him when I told him to bring me some, he didn’t take it as a joke and the next day I had two guys bring me Jaffa Cakes and Ben bring me Toffefes. I don’t try to get sweets from the boys in workshop often (more like never) so it made me laugh when they actually brought them.

Everything about carrickfergus was perfect, especially my homestay family. I got to partner with Rachel this town, and if you know Rachel you would now that she is a live fire from the hair to the personality. It was great to spend more time with her, and we were fortunate to have an amazing homestay family. It was a house of girls, we had girls night three nights in a row. The conversations we had went from boys to music, to family; they were all just so open. Our sisters Alex and Zoe were just the sweetest things. Zoe, the older sister, didn’t take the workshop because she was more into sports and art so we picked on her the whole time (in a playful way) and told her she should do it and just miss school, she wasn’t having it. Alex, took the workshop and she really changed my perspective on things. I could see myself in her in many ways and it was beautiful. Then of course there was our homestay mama that made it so comfortable to be around and it really felt like home. I’m glad I got to spend a part of my life with these beautiful people.

We got the opportunity to perform in the Waterfront Theatre in Belfast and it was awesome. I tried to think of a classier word to describe the theatre, but awesome just captures it so well. The Waterfront Theatre hosts top artists like One Direction, Lady Gaga, and a whole bunch of others so it was mind blowing to perform on a stage that professional performers have performed on. The show was great (even the insanely long run from the spotlight to the stage), the kids did a great job and it seemed as though they enjoyed it which in the end is all the matters. I’m finally getting into the swing of things, it is very difficult to be away from my blood family and it is an insane amount of work, but I am so happy with what I am doing. I’ve said it before, but this cast couldn’t be better, and I think I’ve finally accepted that they are my family for the time being, and I don’t mind it one bit.


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