Go, Go, Go; UK Day 12

By: Vagabond63

Jan 27 2013

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Camera:NIKON D3100

Whoa it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit down and write. So we’ve done a lot in the last five days, including a performance in Cootehill, a full workshop and another performance in Sligo. These last few days were just reminders about how great my life is and why what I am doing is incredible.

Our performance in Cootehill was definitely an adventure, it was a third day move so we had to change venues and the venue we moved to was very small. We went to the Hotel Killmore which was about a half an hour from the school and we did our performance in a banquet room. The banquet room stage was a very small stage so a majority of the show was done on the ground, for second act at least; the first act we weren’t as lucky because the kids were sitting on the floor watching the show. For this show our first act was incredibly different, we had to take people from numbers because the stage wasn’t large enough; that wasn’t the only difference, we could only enter from stage left. Now let me just say that we did not make all of our marks and it was difficult to even get on stage because we had to all exit from stage left as well, but it was an incredible show. It became a game for the cast to take on the show as a challenge and win, I have to say that we did. After our show we loaded out and went back home with our homestays ready to leave early the next morning. That next morning was beautiful, not because of the scenery, but because of the people that sent us off. Both of my homestay sisters wrote me notes that were very inspiring, I also received a little snow globe with Ireland inside of it. I miss Cootehill dearly because of the passion that the people had, we had a very large crowd of people to see us off and it was definitely emotional, there were many tears from both the children and the Young Americans.

After our goodbye from Cootehill we headed off for Sligo to start a workshop right away. I’m going to state it now that I love Sligo. It just blows my mind that I keep going to all of these places and how they keep stealing bits of my heart, at this rate I won’t have one by the end of tour! In Sligo we had the opportunity to perform two shows with the kids, one on Saturday and another on Sunday; so after the show last night it wasn’t our final goodbye which is awesome. There is just something about this town that catches my attention, it could be the growth that we have seen in the kids or the interest they show in wanting to learn. I feel as though our cast has also grown in this town. We took the time to open up a little more and let others in. It was also the first show that we had everybody in, nobody was sick. Having everybody in the show changes it immensely, it is strange how missing one performer an change the whole energy of the show.

I have gotten to know so many people and hear their stories. I am reminded every time I walk into a homestays house how great people really are. They are willing to open their homes, as well as their fridges to complete strangers. It shows that there is still hope for the human race. Not all people are bad, more times than not, people are good. I live my life trusting others, and it is not a hard thing to do. People are good, and more people need to see that.


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