Second Day in Ireland; UK Day 7

By: Vagabond63

Jan 22 2013

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Ireland has already taken my heart, I love it here. We started workshop yesterday and the kids were just so ready to give it a try and it was awesome. We got into Ireland on Sunday night around half 5 and got to spend the evening with our new homestay families. My new family is incredible; I have two homestay sisters, Megan and Aimee that just make me laugh all the time. The first night that Kala and I (She is my homestay partner this town) came in we all played games like catch phrase and charades, we also watched the program on the television from last years’ workshop. I think the thing that really caught my attention about Cootehill, Ireland is that the passion for our organization is there. When we walked into the school for our homestay meeting that first night there was a sign advertising the workshop right in the front and there were also small signs all over the school; it was really cool to see how excited they were to have us back from last year.

That excitement also came through with the kids, my homestay sisters couldn’t sleep because they were excited, and when others are that excited I can’t resist it. The first day of workshop was a long one but it was great to get to know those kids, my favorite part of the day is the last hour where we do rotations and the kids get the chance to sing and dance in front of others, I enjoy seeing the kids that stand up and show an incredible amount of confidence. I learn something from them every time. Personally, the night that I get antsy is the night before second day. Second day is just a crazy amount of fun because we get to spend the whole day with the kids and it is always so inspiring. We start our mornings off with classes (I chill with the yellows for classes) and they are always fun. Today’s classes were extra special for me, I’m not sure why but they were. It always just makes me emotional when I see kids go out and try something new which is what the classes are all about. Seeing ten year old girls dance lyrical to the song “Let it Be” by the Beatles and really show how they are feeling is really special. It was a reminder today that everybody has worries and we just have to remember that. The emotions from lyrical class definitely went into the emotions that I was feeling later in the day during our showing of the Lion King number that we do. I feel so lucky to be where I am and do what I do; every time we do Lion King it is a reminder of where I’ve once been and where I am now. I got teary eyed during the kids showing of the stick dance when I saw the boy that my friend James had picked to teach. In this workshop we have a group of special needs students that are absolutely beautiful and James chose one of them to dance with him. It was inspiring to see a boy that has more struggles than most dance to a song about a journey that is difficult but in the end turns out well. He just seemed so happy and free, which I look up to.

I’ve learned with these first few workshops that I learn more from these kids than they could ever learn from me. I wake up in the morning knowing that everyday is challenging but it is worth more than anything that could be bought. A child’s smile or the hugs that come throughout the day are priceless. My goal is to never take them for granted because there is real magic in those things, magic that I want to continue experiencing.


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