Goodbye Scotland; UK Day 5

By: Vagabond63

Jan 20 2013

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First UK workshop is complete, we spent our time in Falkirk and my homestays home was in Bonnybridge; Scotland couldn’t have been better. The people were beautiful, the land was beautiful, I honestly believe everything was beautiful. After that first day of workshop we did it all again the next day. Second day is where we teach a majority of the show and it always has its memories. This town’s memory was working with the two youngest girls in the workshop. There were two little girls, Kera and Beth that were five years old and they were just precious!

We started our morning with second day classes where we teach 30- 45 minute classes in improv, singing and dance. In the dance class, the yellows got to choreograph their own lyrical dances in small groups, well Kera didn’t want to do it in a group to begin with so she and I danced around together; it was a happy moment in my life. There is nothing like a child smiling and giggling, it filled my heart with joy. Later in the day we taught Lion King and let my just say that is was definitely an adventure, I didn’t end up actually dancing, but I’m not complaining because instead I got to sit with the two young girls and play instruments to the rhythm of the drum and watch the other kids dance. I love Lion King and I absolutely adore being in the trenches to teach it, but it was so different to sit with innocent eyes like those two girls and watch the others dance. It was a great day of realization about many things such as being with the right people and in the right place. After workshop I got to experience my first European fish and chips (for all of you that don’t know, in Europe chips are American fries and American chips are called crisps here). I have to say that the meal was delicious; I could eat it everyday and not get tired of it because it was so fresh and delicious, nothing on the fish and chips but salt and vinegar. If you ever get the chance to come to Europe it is a must try, I’m not even kidding. The night was spent talking with the homestay family and laughing a lot.

We had a show on Saturday and it went very well. We had a third day move so we had to move all of our equipment from one venue to the next and set it up, we also had to walk and restage our 1st act before the kids got there. It wasn’t a big deal, it is always fun to get ready for the first act because it is like our little gift to the kids. We then worked with the kids for 3 hours and ran their show before dinner break and show time! During our run through with the kids things can get a little hectic and crazy but we just have to remember that they are having fun and enjoying themselves and in the end that is all that matters; I’m not saying miss marks or anything on purpose but don’t stress about it because it doesn’t help anybody, that is one thing that I am working on. Our first act went well and the second act was even better. I am very lucky, I get to teach the closing statements to the show “thank you for coming and have a great night”, for this town the two little girls got to say it, one girl said the beginning and the other said the end. Well when the show came we had forgotten to recast the last YA solo that comes in the song (one of our girls was sick so we just had to fill in for the show) so because I was sitting directly in the middle I found out during the speech before the song that I got to sing the last line. I can say that it went well, but golly I will admit that the butterflies were there. After the show and after load out (which happened in an hour and 9 minutes) we headed home. My homestay sister Nicola, the other YA Gemma, and I sat around the table and talked and played catch phrase until late into the night.

This morning we said goodbye to our homestay and boarded the bus and took the ferry to Ireland. Our homestay gave both Gemma and I little gifts before we left, we received a Scottish soft drink called IRN BRU, chocolate, some biscuits (cookies), and a wee book of Glesca banter ( a book of Scottish terms). I will definitely admit that it was very sad to say goodbye, I plan to come back someday Scotland, so don’t worry.


One comment on “Goodbye Scotland; UK Day 5”

  1. Was lovely to read this Haley. I hope that you will visit Scotland again someday and you would be more than welcome here. Keira misses you and talks about you a lot xXx

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