Finally Made It; UK Day 2

Touchdown in the UK (and not like football, but a literal touch down). A lot has happened the last few days, and I am very sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, things got a wee bit crazy (it’s only been a day and I’m already picking up the Scottish accent, oh great). So since the last time I have posted I have completed a full workshop in Pasadena, moved out of my apartment, seen my family, flew in a plane for 11 hours, turned 20, got my first passport stamp, landed in London, rode on a bus for another 11 hours, stopped in Scotland, met my homestay, completed first day of workshop and eaten a wonderful Scottish meal. Now I have to say that I am living an incredible life.

The workshop in Pasadena is definitely one to mention because it was so great. Imagine 120 children ages 5-12, oh yes, it was a baby workshop. The children were all so young but it was just perfect. It is always so refreshing to work with younger kids because they just go for it, they never really question why you do something they just say yes… and, and do it. I spend a lot of my time working with the yellows in the workshop (that is the youngest age group) and it really tests your patience, but in a good way. It sometimes takes a good reminder like little children to remind you that these workshops are for the children to have fun, not everything has to be perfect. As long as the kids are having a good time and smiling I’m having a good time! In Pasadena I also had a wonderful homestay with two beautiful homestay sisters, one was 9 and the other was 5. I have to say that I made two really great new friends. Yes, they may be younger than me by a long ways but they were so much fun to be around. The 5 year old and I made pinky promises that we were best friends and I intend to keep that promise (I never break a promise, especially a pinky promise). My homestay parents were also great, all in all it was just a great workshop. Thank you Pasadena for taking us in and I hope to see you again soon.

I would also like to thank my family, they were here to help me move out of my apartment and also say goodbye before I left for me big journey and I couldn’t be more lucky. It really all just came down to good timing, my family had been on a cruise in Mexico so they were in the area when I was headed out so I got to have one last goodbye before I left. The journey here to Scotland was a long one, but it was definitely worth it. I have to admit that is was a perfect Birthday present. After almost 24 hours of travel (with a plane delay and everything) I can say that we have made it to Scotland and it is absolutely beautiful, from everything like the land to the people, even to the food this place is incredible. We had our first day today and even with our jet lag I have to say that our cast did a great job. We are currently working with 200 kids and a majority of them are dance students (I have to admit that having dance students causes a little bit more of a challenge for the vocalists but we still get it). These kids are so willing to learn it is crazy. I am excited for tomorrow and I can’t believe how fast today flew by. I am now ready to sleep a little bit before I do it all again. After a delicious meal and great company from my homestay I can close my eyes and prepare myself for tomorrow.


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