Last Day of Rehearsals; 5 Days Until UK

By: Vagabond63

Jan 11 2013

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Last day of rehearsals are finished, and now it’s time to prepare for the journey that awaits. Today was a day to get last minute preparations finished and make sure that we were all ready to head out to Pasadena tomorrow and work with kids. I am having a hard time writing this because my brain is just all over the place. I have been trying to pack for tour and move out of my apartment and do laundry; and can I say that it is very difficult to try and stuff your life in a suitcase for 3 months, I’m struggling a little.

So this morning we started our day off by loading the trucks for both UK tour and US tour, it was hectic. What happens is we are all on different crews; I am on costume crews but there are crews such as load, merch, front line, back line (those are microphones) and each crew does their designated job. First every person on the cast has to put together their costumes and write an inventory of each of their costume pieces and then put their costumes either on a hanger or in garbage bags (depending on which cast, we got to put them in garbage bags so that it is easier to pack for Europe. So after doing costuming the costume girls then bag whatever else needs to be bagged, for this tour it was all of out two hour concert costumes that we won’t need until March but it is easier to take it with us now than to have it shipped to us later. We also go around and gather extra costumes, a sewing kit, irons; basically we grab everything that will help make a costume look better. After that we then get to handle the wrath of the costume warehouse and put everything that is out of place back. The costume warehouse is most definitely very hard to explain, and also very hard to understand if you have never seen it but let me just make it clear that there are thousands upon thousands of costumes in their and it is impossible to make look completely clean, so trying to clean it is so difficult and time consuming. After finishing all of that and saying goodbye to US tour we went and worked on choral with our first director. He really made us lock it in and get the parts right and it was awesome, the cast sounds so good.

After a meeting with our company manager we were sent home to get ready to leave for our first workshop in the morning. Now after a long haul of packing and cleaning so that I can move out of my apartment I can say that I am officially packed to leave for tour. So goodbye Baywood apartments and Young American Land, I am headed off. I will see you in April and until then be a good place for all of my friends.


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