Rehearsal Day 7; 6 Days Until UK

By: Vagabond63

Jan 10 2013

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We saw children today! That was the highlight of my day for sure. Today we drove down to Pasadena and we did two assembly shows to try and get more kids to take the workshop this weekend, and I have to say that the kids looked really excited about what we do and wanted to join us. This workshop is going to be different from others because there are going to be a lot of younger children taking the workshop and I couldn’t be more excited! It is crazy how a child’s laughter can take away all of our worries, and after today I don’t have that many anymore, not because they went away, but because I let them go. So not everyone knows what an assembly show is, so I will explain. An assembly show is where our cast goes to a school and we perform a few numbers, usually 2nd act opener, meet & Greet (a sing around happens during this; the director randomly chooses people to sing solos and I got chosen today! First time ever!) and a closing number so our cast did part of our Legends medley. I was a beast of a show, even if it was only thirty minutes long.

Like I said, those kids just made my day today. It’s like I had a realization of what I need to do and where I need to be and honestly I need to be on this tour teaching children. I am so lucky, I feel like I keep saying that but it couldn’t be more true. After our assembly shows we headed back to the warehouse and ran our show with the director that will be going out with us for the first few weeks (we get about 4 directors per tour). The show that we ran was great. I mean you know a show is going to be great when you all very excitedly sing Blaydon Races right before you hit the stage, it was like a friendly reminder that we all board a plane to Europe very very soon. The greatest part is that we get to work with kids much sooner than expected. Having a workshop in America before heading out is a really good day, although it may hectic and a little overwhelming it gives us the chance to work as a cast completely and realize what we need to get done while we are traveling.

I know this is silly, but I want to as you guys to look around and let something common and small and realize what an impact it has on you. I know that kids are that for me, there are a lot of them but they look up to me and I want to help change their lives in a positive way. Once you realize what those mundane things can do for you it gives you life a purpose. I am glad that I have one. This tour is going to change my life and I can feel it. Oh goodness smiling is beginning to feel incredible.


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