Rehearsal Day 6; 7 Days Until UK

By: Vagabond63

Jan 09 2013

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Passion is what makes the world go round. You can question me and even disagree with me but I have seen passion drive people to do incredible things, and even not so incredible things. Today was definitely a day of passion. We went back to rehearsal today after a day off and got our butts kicked. This morning we changed both our opener and our inspirational medley, so the time was spent recasting and restaging those two numbers. We then walked microphones and also set spot light, I get to spot the opening number which is really cool because I get to watch the cast I am on work it and they are just so incredibly talented! After lunch we were then a little thrown off guard when our directors told us to run the first act in costume, and you can tell we were totally not ready for that. All I have to say is we weren’t quite ready and the notes from our directors reiterated that. Let me say that some passionate words were spoken and not all of them positive. Now don’t take what I say to sound negative and unfair because it wasn’t, we needed to be told the things we were told and we needed the reality check that we got. So we took a few hours to clean dances and staging and then we tackled the first act again in full costume. Like I said, passion drives people to do incredible things.

The second run through was entirely a different show. The passion that was conveyed by the cast was very clear. We needed some harsh words to kick our butts in gear and we needed that run through to help us bond as a cast. The more we do the show the more we connect; it’s like every time we do the show the connections between the people keep growing which makes the energy grow as well. The cast is full of very different people, which is calling for minor difficulties. It’s not like we are fighting of anything, it is just harder to communicate. I say we are different people but at the same time we are also very similar. The mannerisms that we share are basically the same, we all want to work very hard and we all want to be leaders but at the same time don’t want to step on toes so it’s just a balancing act between worrying about our own show and worrying about other people in the casts show. The passion that I felt tonight was definitely a shift in our cast, it is huge possibility that our passion was driven to prove what we could do but it was still passion and it drove us to put on a great show.

I am very confident in saying that our cast will be incredibly close, and though we may have our rough patches every family does. We are a new family trying to figure out everybody’s ways and some of them may conflict but that is what makes a family strong. The excitement that I have to work with this beautiful cast is beyond words really. I’m ready to see what the future entails, and I’m ready to experience everybody’s passion for what we do everyday.


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