Rehearsal Day 3; 11 Days Until UK

By: Vagabond63

Jan 05 2013

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The cast I am on is just perfect, our show is perfect and this tour will be perfect. The third day of tour was definitely a great one. We had our ups and downs and the day felt like it was at least five but it was still great. We started our day with cast photos (a winter look type of outfit) and meetings for our classes throughout tour, we then sat and rehearsed music for a few hours and headed to lunch. The morning was pretty laid back and nice, the afternoon was a little longer. After lunch we started staging our first act, it was definitely a journey. Our cast is very different from the others and our show is also different than most of us are used to so it took a good 3-4 hours to stage our first act. After some sharp words and intense time we got it down and figured it out but our butts were kicked. During dinner was when the fun stuff happened (I’m not saying the other stuff wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t the same fun). At dinner we had a cast bonding type thing, we all brought our lunches and ate together so that we could get to know each other and it was awesome. It helped when after dinner we cleaned the dances and workshopped (worked on our own) songs; it just made it easier to speak with other members of the cast and work together. Me not being as much of a dancer as I am a vocalist I spent a lot of my time workshopping with other members of the cast.

The workshopping time made the day what it really was, for about the first hour we worked really hard on songs and parts, getting the notes and everything down, but after that it became a laugh session. We were definitely still working but not quite as hard, mainly because it is hard to laugh and sing at the same time. I’m not sure if our cast is really as funny as we think we are or if we were all just in the loopy stage of exhaustion, either way it was awesome. Laughter was what really bonded us. I feel so close with this cast already; they may not know much about me, but I do know that I could trust them and they would be there for me. I feel like I really belong with this cast and they accept me. To be honest, my biggest concern at the beginning of all of this was making friends, I can be a little shy sometimes and find it difficult reaching out and making friends on my own but this cast has made it so easy. I was speaking to one of the more experienced (she’s done at least 6 workshops) and she told me that she has never felt this bonded with a cast in the first week. She said that they got there in the tour process but during the rehearsal process isn’t as common. That really made me feel like I was on the right tour, and without a doubt I am.


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