Rehearsal Day 2, 12 Days Until UK

By: Vagabond63

Jan 04 2013

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Oh what a day! Another early morning and long night but it was a good one. This experience is already helping me grow and it just blows my mind. These rehearsals have been a struggle but not in a bad way, they have pushed me over my boundaries and have really helped me open up. I now know the confidence that I need to take on thousands of children; it’s no longer about me it is about the kids. We had a lot of discussions today ranging from the direction of the group to the direction of our lives. That was the big one for me.

Our director brought up the discussion about dreams and goals. She asked us to think back and remember what some of them were, she then asked us to think about whether we have followed them or are on the paths to following them now or if we just let them go because it was to hard to accomplish. That really caught my attention, what were my dreams as a kid; being a princess, maybe a news reporter, or even a marine biologist, a performer. I now know that I am the princess to my own life (I sure hope so, I don’t want somebody else to be) I really chose to look at it that way because the dream of being a princess is almost impossible to accomplish and also be true to who you really love (I would have to marry a prince to be a princess and I might not love him). A news reporter was definitely something that I grew out of, it was really just fun making up the news of the neighborhood when I was younger and broadcasting it to my family. Marine biology is still in the back of my mind, I am a decent student and study well I could spend my days by the ocean or in a lab and not be bothered by that one bit, but that’s not my main passion. My main passion is performing; I very much want to be on the stage. So today I asked myself if I was on the right path to accomplish my dream and feel truly accomplished. I perform now, I just want to take it one more step. I’m not talking broadways but I’m talking emotionally. Honestly, thinking about it I’m not that far from the correct path, so I’ll keep walking down this one and see where it leads. Now look at your life and ask yourself the same question, have you accomplished your dreams or on the path to accomplish them?

There was so much to the day that was great. Learning our material and new pieces; polishing the second act, actually going through the days and how they flow and knowing where to go at all times; casting the first act in record time and finding out which costumes to bring for in the morning. What a day it has been! My body is exhausted and sore as well as everybody else’s but my mind is just racing. Soon I will be in the UK working with children and performing with all that I have, in the mean time I get to know the cast that I am so lucky to be on. Getting ready for a cast dinner tomorrow night, I’m ready to know more about each of these beautiful people.


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