Rehearsal Day 1: 13 Days Until UK

By: Vagabond63

Jan 03 2013

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Focal Length:29mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100

Day 1 of my new journey has begun. Today I started the rehearsal process for my first tour. I am headed to the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland) and also South Africa for 3 or so months to teach children with an incredible and beautiful cast and I couldn’t be more excited.

A 9:00 AM call time is just asking for a long day ahead but it was a good one. The day was started by the very excited hellos from everybody (when I say excited I really mean the off the wall crazy, jumping on each other hellos- no judgment its been a month since the last time we all saw each other), the day then continued with a warm up that woke us all up (being away for a month calls for a tired body), by 10:00 AM we were on our way to casting the second act of all three of the tour shows. 12 hours later I can say that it was a great day and our second act has now been casted. The day was filled with learning, dancing, and maybe some boring moments of waiting but it was incredible. Being away for a month made me forget a little bit about how incredible this organization is. In a week and a half 5 shows will be completely casted, costumed and absolutely ready to hit the road; where else does that really happen? The best part is not only will all that happen but it will be fun and positive and rewarding, not grueling by any means. It was definitely a day of realization.

Today I realized that I am where I need to be, I chose this school because of what it did for me when I was in middle school, now I get to go out and hopefully be that person for somebody else. I get the opportunity to travel and do what I want to do more than anything; work with children and change lives. The main question of the day that stood out to me the most was, “what really matters in your life?” The conversation brought up many thoughts; why should I worry about what I look like all the time or how other people are spending their days by checking my news feed, or the simple things like what I’m going to have for dinner, why should I worry about those things when it doesn’t do me any good. I have the power to change the way I think and be more in the moment instead of worrying, because honestly, in the end what does the worrying accomplish? Nothing. It doesn’t matter instead I should focus on the people I meet, and the beauty I see around me. I will have great memories from this wonderful experience, but I don’t want to lose any of them because I sweat the small stuff.


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