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By: Vagabond63

Jan 07 2012

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Oh hey there! I’m Haley Krehbiel (you know, the one writing this blog from here on out; crazy how that works). I started this blog to let the world know about my personal experience through my life as a Young American.

First off, the Young Americans is a musical program founded by Milton C. Anderson in 1962. The group originated doing performances on different variety shows such as; The Ed Sullivan Show and Bing Crosby TV Series. The group also did 9 month national tours of Oklahoma and The Music Man as part of “Columbia Artists Community Concert Series”. I’m going to be honest and say that I do not know this side of the Young Americans; I just find it completely appropriate to give the origins to a fantastic program.

The program that I have learned to love is very different from what it first was. The side of the program that I do know is The Music Outreach Tours and the college associated with the YA’s. The Music Outreach Tours started in 1992 when the budget cuts to education started to happen and music was being removed from school systems. Milton C. Anderson was ready to take it another step and try to, “bring music back into schools, opening doors of discovery for the musical talents of young people”. On a tour a cast of about 30-50 Young Americans does a 3 day workshop. The workshop is 3 days of intense performance rehearsal ranging from vocals, dance, improvisation, and performance techniques. 100’s of students ranging from 4th to 12th grade attend; at the end of the 3rd say it is time to hit the stage. A performance is put on; the first act is done by only the Young Americans, and then the second act is where it really begins, the kids show what they learned in those three days and put on a show as one. The main goal is to help teach kids how to respect each other and work together; also how to show their own strengths as an indvidual. The Outreach Tour has now been all of over the world places such as; Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Russia and Japan (just to name a few). The Musical Outreach Tours are helping children find themselves through music, how perfect can it get?

The Young Americans has grown quite a bit in the last few years. The program is now considered a college as of 2002. Each year the school brings in about 100 or so “New Kids” or as most other colleges call them “Freshmen”. A year consists of two semesters of classes such as dance, vocals, performance technique, stagecraft, teaching methods and long, long hours of rehearsal for several different performances. Classes such as Math and English are also taken. The reason being is that recently, within the last two years, the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts is now accredited with North Central Michigan College. What this means is students now have the chance to move on with their life after the program with credits and an associates degree at the end of the two years. Before this, the students walked away with only a performance certificate. The accreditation has made a large different in the program, helping the students get further in their future life.

Okay, so I know some of that was pretty dry, I just wanted to give the history of what I am living. In my opinion I am attending a college that is helping me find myself as a performer, but most importantly as a person. I will be helping other find themselves on tour and I will be changing the world one person at a time. The program I am a part of is more than just class and rehearsal, it is a family that would do anything for one another. We support each other but also push each other the hardest. We want what is best for each and every person in our family. I am part of something great; and I honestly believe I couldn’t be anywhere more perfect on this part of my journey.


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