So Much Has Happened; UK Day 25

By: Vagabond63

Feb 10 2013

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Two towns have passed and I have not written, ahh. Just so everybody knows our show in Castletownbere was incredible and again I will talk about how great my homestay was, there were three daughters in that home so we had a ton of fun jamming out to random music and dressing in dads boiler suit (it’s like a mechanics coveralls, I’ve never heard it called a boiler suit before). So here I go, I’m moving on to the next town, Ballina. I’m going to try and remember what all has happened, starting with our day off in Dublin (I’m starting here but it won’t be in chronological order because our day off was in he middle of workshop). It was awesome to have a day off, we drove three hours from Ballina to get to Dublin; once we got there we got about five hours to just adventure in Dublin. I spent my day shopping mainly but I definitely stopped and looked at a lot of the architecture and monuments that were in the areas. In Ballina we had about 60 kids which is very small compared to the 150- 250 kid workshops that we have been doing but I have to admit it was very cool to only have 60 kids because we got the chance to really get to know the kids that were in workshop, or even if we didn’t get to know them better we got the chance to work with them one on one and get information to them more clearly and not quite as hectic as it sometimes can be. I had four homestay siblings in Ballina, two of them were younger so by the time we got home they were both asleep but the two older girls were just absolute dolls. They were twins Aoife and Niamh (Irish names) and Chanele and I spent a lot of time getting to know them with a lot of laughter and smiles. I truly blows my mind how much I smile and laugh and smile while on tour, I would find it impossible not to.

So, we were just in Bangor, Ireland and I just can’t tell you how much I loved this town. I love every town but Bangor just stole my heart. It probably has something (no everything) to do with a four year old little girl named Maddie that I spent most of my time with. It was only a two day workshop and again we had a very small group of about 50 kids. I met Maddie on first day and we spent a lot of time together. When there is a young child I try to make a connection with them so that they have somebody that they can go to when they need something and so somebody is looking out for them, I spend most of my time with the yellow group so it makes sense that I do it. Maddie and I were really close friends, during dinner break first day we played chasies, basically she ran and I followed. Second day we got spend all day together and it was awesome! There is honestly just something about a little kid that lightens your day. I adore children, hence the reason I am on tour, but when they are little, little kids it just changes everything. The little ones are just so willing to try anything and they are having fun, they don’t care if they are doing it right or wrong they might even just stand there and do nothing but it is still adorable and they are still smiling. This town I was again fortunate to have an incredible homestay, myself and four other YA girls got to stay together and our homestay dad was actually the contact for the workshop (the one who puts it together) and it was just really cool because we got to see him and his wife (our mom) all day and make jokes with them and it was great. Joanne always made sure that when we got home there was a plethora of food and snacks (mostly chocolate) for us and the tea was always on the stove ready to go. They were just beautiful people and it broke me up a little inside this morning when I had to say goodbye; that is always the hardest part.

On our way to Bangor we stopped at the Giant’s Causeway and it was absolutely incredible, I have never seen so much beauty in one place. Giant’s Causeway is a natural structure with these interesting rock formations that were caused by tectonic plate movement. It was great to just be outside and absorb the fact that I was in Ireland. I had the realization there that I was really living the life I have been wanting and it is better than I thought it would be. I think about it now as I sit on the ferry looking out on the water on our way back to Scotland headed for England, that life only happens once and I am fortunate to be living it the way that I do meeting beautiful people and visiting beautiful places and doing what I love. “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” was a quote in my last homestay’s bathroom and honestly that statement couldn’t be truer.